Call Web Service

Use the Call Web Service component to call REST web services. Assign the result to a control on the page to show what the service returned.

API's by popular service provides, including Yahoo, Google, and Facebook, have implemented the REST model to expose their services.

Add a Call Web Service action


  1. Domain

    Domain to authenticate against.
  2. Password

    The password to use when authenticating.
  3. Type

    Authentication type.
  4. Username

    The username to use when authenticating.
  5. Body

    The body of the request.
  6. Body Format

    The format of the request body.
  7. Headers

    The parameters sent in the header of the request.
  8. Method

    The operation of the request.
  9. Query String

    The parameters sent in the query string.
  10. Timeout

    Request timeout (in milliseconds).
  11. URL

    The URL to call.
  12. Bypass on local

    Bypass proxy on this machine
  13. Host

    Proxy host
  14. Port

    Proxy port

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