Upload File

The Upload File control allows users to upload files to the server.

These files will be stored in a temporary location on the server for the duration of the user's session. Once the session ends, they are deleted. It is therefore important to write these files to a known location in order to access them at a later stage again. This can be done by looping over the files using a ForEach action inside of a script or eventhandler.

Please note! All uploaded files in the temporary directory are lost once the session ends.

Add an Upload File control


  1. Visible

    Set to False if you don't want this control to render on the page and be visible to the user.

Error Messages:

  1. File must be smaller than x MB

    If this value has to be increased, change the maxRequestLength value in the web.config of the generated application. The maxRequestLength is specified in kilobytes and defaults to 4096 KB (4 MB). See here for more information on maxRequestLength.
    				<httpRuntime targetFramework="4.6" maxRequestLength="153600" />
  2. Error

    This could be caused by a number of reasons, of which one could be that the maxAllowedContentLength is not large enough. Increasing this value in the web.config of the generated application could resolve the issue. The maxAllowedContentLength is specified in bytes and defaults to 30000000 (28.6 MB). See here for more information on maxAllowedContentLength.
    						<requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="30000000" />