A Stadium label control renders as a standard <span /> tag. Custom font styles are placed in a style attribute in the span tag (inline). Such custom font styles will always override your stylesheet. You can change the label text by assigning a new value to the label in a script.

Add a Label


  1. Text

    The text to be shown in the label.
  2. Classes

    Classes for the label.
  3. Styles

    • Font - Set the label's text properties.
    • Colour - Set the colour of the label's font, background and border.
    • Margins - Set the margins (space) between the label's border and the nearest other control. (The value can be in cm, px or %, e.g. 10px)
    • Padding - Set the padding (space) between the label's text and the border of the label. (The value can be in cm, px or %, e.g. 15%)
  4. Visible

    Set to False if you don't want this control to render on the page and be visible to the user.

Assigning data to a Label


To display a Label containing a specific value retrieved by a SQL query:

  1. Use an appropriate Event, e.g. Load (page) or Click (button) to which a SetValue action can be added.
  2. Add a SetValue action to assign the value from the query to the Label's Text property.