File System Connector

A File System Connector is used to access a folder on the webserver or network. The connector will only be able to access this folder and it's sub-folders but has no access to any of the parent folders.

Consider the scenario where you want to read or retrieve files from a secure folder on your server or network. Essentially something like a working folder for your application. Step in the File System Connector! Create a File System Connector, point it to your folder and provide it with valid user credentials to access the folder. Once created, you can start reading, writing or deleting files from this 'workspace'. You can even assign image files directly to an Image control or allow users to download files to their local pc.

Add a File System Connector

Connection Editor Properties

  1. Path

    This is the folder path on the server or network that will be made accessible via this connector.
  2. User

    The username to gain access to the folder. This is in the format of <domain name>\<username>. If no value is provided for this property, the Application Pool User will be used.
  3. Password

    The password that will be used in combination with the username to gain access to the folder.