Expression Editor

At times you may require complex expressions to create the property values of controls or actions. The Expression Editor is an easy-to-use tool to help you formulate expressions.

How to use the Expression Editor

Click on the Expression Editor icon that is associated with the relevant property.

The editor consists of 3 panels:

  1. Expression
    Formulate your expression here, by either typing it or adding available variables and code snippets from the panel on the right.
  2. Errors
  3. On the right, a panel with 2 tabs:
    • Values
      • Session variables
      • Script variables
      • Control elements

    • Code Snippets
           Code that deal with various aspects of the following can be added to your expression:
      • Data Types
      • Dates
      • Arrays
      • Strings

           System variables can be accessed with code snippets and by using JavaScript, e.g. current date and time.
           Click on a code snippet in the Expression Editor to view help info in the bottom-right corner.
           To include a variable or code snippet in your expression, either drag-and-drop it onto the expression panel, or double-click on it.