Applications can be deployed to your server from within Stadium Designer.

Deploying an application for the first time


  1. Click Deploy
  2. Select the Application Manager to deploy to (or if required, first add a new Application Manager)
    • Click Deploy
  3. In your browser, provide setup details:
    • Select your application's Login Mode:
      • Email & Password - Users will log in to your Application with their email adress and password.
      • None                       - Users will not be required to log in and will have access to all pages in your Application.
      • Windows Auth       - Users will be able to access your application if they are already logged in to Windows.

    • Create your application's Admin User:
           (An Admin User is a user that can access an application's administration features, i.e. maintaining user roles and users.)
      • When Login Mode is Email & Password - Provide Email, Password and a display Name.
      • When Login Mode is None                      - No Admin User will be created.
      • When Login Mode is Windows Auth       - Provide Email, the Windows domain Username and a display Name.

    • If required, edit your application's Connections and Settings.
    • Click the Create Application button.

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