Create a Form

The Create Form wizard is used to quickly create forms for adding or editing data.

Create a Form


  1. Query

    The insert or update query to use with the form.
  2. Query type

    Insert or Update.
  3. Select Query

    If applicable, the select query to populate your update form.
  4. Datagrid

    If applicable, indicate a datagrid to display your data.
  5. Label

    The label for the form field.


    The type of control (field), e.g. textbox.


    The validations that must be performed on the data, e.g. required field, number validation or email validation.


    To make the field read-only (non-editable).

    Label placement

    Indicate where the label must appear in relation to the field.

    Save button text

    The text on the form button.