Stadium 5

Stadium is a web application designer and generator. Anyone can use Stadium to easily and quickly design and generate professional Web Applications, even with very little knowledge of web development.

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Create professional web applications in four easy steps

  1. Create web pages with one click, then drag controls, such as Data Grids, Form Fields, Labels, Buttons and the like onto these pages.
  2. Connect to a database and write your SQL queries, or connect to a web service and write your request details, then populate your controls with your retrieved data.
  3. Create Javascripts by dragging actions into a visual script builder.
  4. Define events for controls and attach them to your scripts.

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Finally, generate the application by clicking the "Run" button.

Stadium will generate an application in Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) that points to http://localhost/[ApplicationName].

Your default browser will then open and take you to your Stadium web application.

You do not need to install IIS. Stadium will install IIS Express if IIS is not installed already.